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. About Commercial Fonts by ADF


The commercial fonts made by Arkandis Digital Fondry aren't available on this site, and will be distributed at This page is made in order to take a look of the development done and typefaces available.




Arkand: A Galliard like, but not a revival. My own view of one my favorite typeface available in 12 weights. This one is used for the serif font of this site.

A variante is also under development.


Chronius: A sans serif typeface near to a handwriting rendering (only regular and italic developed)


NewGenova: Helvetica revisited under work



Optio: Incise font family, with a line like optima and Goudy Sans.


Palladius: This typeface comes from my studies about serif and rendering. Serif superior is like garaldes, serif inferior like réalles, axe and contrast like Didonnes. The collection is developed with 16 weights.


Regum: A two complete family for a Typeface inspired by the 'Romain du roi' font excepted for italic style.


Teknis: A complete family for a modern sans serif font.


Troyes: Basic antique typeface modernized (development)



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