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ADF fonts for free publication


  The fonts made are developed for free publication. Some of them come from my own stuff, and some from opensource font modifications. A lot of them are edited from scribus users requests and needs.


Postscript format: Base of the old font format for free or professionnal DTP programs. Now only edited for TeX.

Opentype format (postscript outlines): This format inserts all the opentype features in addition of a standard kerning table, in order to be used directly with Sctribus and programs whish need it. OTFs Work fine in Openoffice but you need to edit PDF files with PDFcreator or Distiller under WIN OS.

Truetype format: Developed since the end of 2007. If available, the TTF fonts include all the opentype features. TTC is also available in some cases.

- SVG format and CEF: (No longer)


  Fonts Guide

The Arkandis Fonts guide (in french) gives some explanations about fonts formats, fonts uses, and more from ADF fonts development...


  ADF Commercial

Page to preview the ADF commercial fonts, now under development only and will be available later at




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